What’s better than breakfast and lunch?
    Photo Aug 04, 8 50 04 AM
Brunch. Well, more importantly, Sunday brunch. There’s something fresh about Sunday mornings. Last summer, Jacqui had suggested Tipsy Parson, a charming restaurant in Chelsea that served American comfort food like biscuits and gravy, pancakes, sandwiches and more.
It was crowded, but we were lucky to get a table at the back of the room. Jacqui and Erika each went for the lemon-cornmeal pancakes, served with blueberries, bananas, lemon butter and maple syrup.
Photo Aug 04, 9 35 45 AM (HDR)
Photo Aug 04, 9 36 01 AM
I got the Belgian waffle, adorned with peaches, whipped cream and brown sugar butter. All of us agreed that it was the fluffiest waffle we’d ever tasted. Waffles usually have a slight crisp to them, but this one was really, really fluffy! I loved it.
Even though we were full, we couldn’t resist sharing the Biscuit Bomb, a buttermilk-chive biscuit topped with melted cheddar. It resembled a small mountain spewing stringy cheese that ran along the thick, cracked wall.
Photo Aug 04, 9 35 51 AM
Jacqui cut it in half, and it pretty much exploded. The biscuit crumbled onto the plate, and nestled in the heart of all that delicious mess was a chunk of homemade sausage. And boy, it was everything I’d imagined it to be. I guess it’s named Biscuit Bomb for a reason. I know I’m being cheesy, but I love it when restaurants get creative with their food!

New York is peppered with so many hidden gems… and Tipsy Parson is definitely one of them!

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