Great news, New Yorkers! The Big Apple just scored itself another amazing Asian eatery: Han Dynasty. The famous Chinese restaurant recently branched out from Philadelphia and snagged a sweet spot in the East Village, catering the same delicious Szechuan cuisine as its Philly pioneer.

Voted as one of the top 50 Chinese restaurants in America, Han Dynasty was also featured on Food Network — so you can bet that this place is certified legit. The yellow walls and dark wooden floors create a rather classic interior, while the restaurant smells like fresh wood and spices.

It’s the kind of place you can take your family to (especially that aunt of yours who has an impressive tolerance for spicy dishes), as most of the main entrees are served family-style.

Everything on the menu — from the best-selling Dan Dan Noodles to the Chili Oil Dumplings — reflects the restaurant’s stance in serving food that triumphs in quality and authenticity.

I had heard so much about the famous Dan Dan Noodles here, so I went ahead and got a bowl myself. It was the best thing ever. Chewy noodles were tossed in a special sauce that contained a hint of peanut butter for that unique saltiness. It was a good kind of spicy — the kind that declares its presence without leaving you gasping for water. This is a must-try for noodle-lovers and first-timers!


The Chili Oil Dumplings weren’t as spicy as they appeared to be. Swimming in chili oil and peppered with sesame seeds, the fan-shaped dumplings were well-cooked and tasted succulently of chili and ground pork.

Read my full review on JoonBug.
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  1. Yuan says:

    Nice review! I keep skipping over this place when thinking about where to eat…gotta go sometime soon.

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