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Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Woodside in Queens, Sik Gaek is a Korean restaurant that hardly ever sees a dull moment. If people aren’t gawking over the sannakji (live octopus), they’re probably too busy stuffing their faces in other delicacies.

The steamed seafood in sweet pumpkin is a must-try, featuring assorted seafood baked in a bed of sweet pumpkin and covered in melted mozzarella. The entire thing is a cheesy mess — in other words, it’s absolutely genius! Octopus, shrimps and squid are cooked in a spicy red sauce. The cheese adds a unique depth, coupled with the creaminess of the kabocha (Japanese pumpkin). The dish is an innovative invention that blends the layers of the seafood, cheese and pumpkin.


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Read my full review on JoonBug.

Sik Gaek on Urbanspoon


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