Queens Comfort

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Weekend brunches are the best. I love waking up late in the morning and catching up with friends over a good, hearty meal.

Astoria is nice Greek neighborhood with pretty little houses and a slice of that vintage Williamsburg-ish vibe, and most importantly, it’s a hub for good food.

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My friends took me to Queens Comfort, a cozy restaurant in Astoria that serves comfort food like no other. I’m talking heavy soul food like mac and cheese, chicken and waffles, you get the picture. I noticed the restaurant actually plays up its food a little, serving things like “Red Velvet Bread Pudding” and “Cornflake Crusted Tofu Sandwich.” Hmm… maybe next time.

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The inside of the restaurant carried an old-school charm. Portraits lined the walls and toys sat on the shelves above the bar to celebrate childhoods that spanned the generations. Strings of yellow light bulbs draped the walls and dipped from the ceiling, tracing streams of light across the cozy interior.

Photo Sep 07, 10 06 58 AMPhoto Sep 07, 10 08 30 AM

We started off with the Atomic Fire Balls for the table. They were deep fried mac and cheese served with sriracha (a spicy chili sauce common n Asian restaurants) and ranch. I thought they were pretty spicy, thanks to the chili sauce. But definitely mind-blowing.

Photo Sep 07, 10 10 59 AM (1)

Ashley ordered the South By South West Benedict, which was basically a crispy corn tamale topped with smoked pulled pork, tangy BBQ sauce, poached egg and Hollandaise. I googled Hollandaise sauce, and it’s basically “an emulsion of egg yolk and liquid butter, usually seasoned with lemon juice, salt and pepper.” Very unique.

I had the French New Wave, a collection of buttery french toasts, eggs and ham topped with the magical scallion Hollandaise. I fell in love at first bite.

Photo Sep 07, 10 11 09 AM Photo Sep 07, 10 11 19 AM Photo Sep 07, 10 11 32 AM

Aaron got the spicy chicken and bacon enchilada. His dish was extremely cheesy. Whenever he raised his fork, strings of cheddar would follow. The fried egg and pico de gallo (a Mexican condiment of fresh onions, tomatoes with a hint of cilantro) added a flavorful mix to the enchilada.

Photo Sep 07, 10 12 31 AM (HDR)

Jonathan’s Eggs McRuffin’ arrived with a side of tater tots (deep fried fries), smoked bacon, cheddar and the royal crown english muffin. garnished with Bechamel sauce. The muffins were coated in cheese and bacon chunks. He said they tasted like pizza.

Photo Sep 07, 10 13 14 AM (HDR)

We were stuffed before we even finished our plates because the portions were pretty big. But everything was delicious and I’m already planning my next visit! The next time I go, I’m leaving my skinny jeans at the door.
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