Photo Aug 18, 12 16 33 PM

The day I visited The Bagel Store was the day my perception of bagels totally changed.

I always pictured bagels the way I had them: plain, usually a boring brown color, occasionally sprinkled with toasted sesame… in fact, my first bagel wasn’t that long ago. When I came to America three years ago, I learned that bagels are pretty much a staple food. And boy, do people get creative with bagels and their fillings these days!

So when Keeley and Khine introduced me to The Bagel Store in Williamsburg (all good things come out of Williamsburg, like meatballs and a pretty skyline) I was astounded by the crazy variety of bagels and cream cheeses. I’m talking crazy, like you’re-out-of-this-world crazy.

Photo Aug 18, 12 16 26 PM

Take the rainbow bagel for instance. When I unwrapped it and saw a rainbow-colored bagel staring back at me, my jaw dropped. HOLY CAKES. The first thing I did was gasp. The second thing I did was pull out my faithful camera so I could get a good shot.

The colors swirled together, forming one big unbelieveable psychedelic bagel. It was wild, and so was its taste. Rich strawberry cream cheese was sandwiched between the vibrant layers, adding a sweeter sensation to the already sweet bagel.

It was mind-blowing, in a good way!

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