penne vodka

I met La Mela in Little Italy on a warm summer evening in May. For that, I have my foodie friends Stephen and Melwin to thank, because they introduced me to the restaurant with the best penne vodka.

(Well to be honest, I haven’t sampled every penne vodka NYC has to offer, but you can bet La Mela’s is worth the try!)

mozarella & tomatoes
rigatoni bolognaise

Little Italy has a vibrant selection of restaurants (all Italian, yes), and most of these restaurants offer the option of outdoor dining. La Mela was one of them. We settled for mozarella and tomatoes for the table, and each got a plate of pasta. Melwin and I both got the penne vodka, and Stephen had the rigatoni bolognese.

I finished my pasta in less than 10 minutes. Okay, I was pretty hungry… but also mainly because the penne vodka was ahhhmazing. The sauce was creamy and flavorful, and that was all the perfection it needed. No meat, no vegetables, and it still tasted delightful.

Now that’s original.

La Mela on Urbanspoon


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